Monday, November 14, 2011

Here we go again

Its a strange feeling to realize that you have impacted someones life to great capacities. Today I received a letter that touched my heart. The first line read "Dani, for the 32 years of my life, I have felt worthless because of my disability. Thank you for being the first person who believes in me and helps me. Your patience has shown me that my disability does not have to limit my happiness and I can learn to be apart of this world. I will never forget you."

The letter continued for two pages. It was hard not to tear up while reading it in front of the person who wrote it.

Later on I witnessed  this person being called "retarded" by a peer and then insulted by a clinician. Both were very heartbreaking and made me incredibly upset.

I am not sure how I feel tonight. I attempted to begin my personal statement for my grad app to SFSU (which is due in a month) but I cant seem to get more than a few lines written down. I figure reflecting on the events that took place at work today would help spark some insight and profound writing (so far I got nothing).

The app asks me to reflect on my professional, personal and educational backgroup and motivation and discuss how each has influenced my decision to become a licensed social worker. I wish I would capture the moment I read this letter on tape, place it in an envelope and write on a post-it "please play for answer." Describing the "why" has never been so difficulty. Yes I have had many personal challenges that have carved this path of social work and yes I have a genuine love for humanity and blah blah blah but its moments like today...(when the world doesn't seen right in so many ways)...that make me think to myself  "despite everything, all people, deserve a fair chance to love, live and be happy."

Maybe I will be able to use this short tidbit in my essay? It has potential I suppose...